Environment & Sustainability at Wise or Twice

In Wise or Twice, we take small but meaningful steps towards a more environmentally friendly and sustainable future. As a small company in our industry, we are fully aware that we cannot be perfect - it is simply impossible! We handle daily challenges related to transport, packaging, as well as purchasing and selling products. Our aim is to handle these aspects with a clear conscience and to motivate others to take small steps in their everyday lives in order to create a positive future together, both for us and future generations. Explore this section to learn more about our specific measures in daily operations and our vision for the coming years. Don't forget that small actions over time can make a significant difference!

Take the step towards a more eco-friendly life with our re-usable and environmentally friendly products!

What specific measures are we taking to contribute to a more sustainable future? 🌍

Read on to get an insight into our environmentally friendly initiatives and sustainability vision! 🌱💚

Resirkulerbal miljøvennlig pappeske

Environmentally friendly packaging

We make environmentally conscious choices when we pack all orders! From environmentally friendly bags to FSC-approved cardboard boxes, recyclable corrugated cardboard and paper tape!

Bags: Made from 80-90% recycled material, 100% recyclable after use.

Cardboard boxes: FSC-approved for sustainable forestry, 100% recyclable.

Corrugated cardboard / kraft paper: 100% recyclable, used to protect the products without the use of bubble wrap or stretch film.

Ecological filling material: In some of our packages you can find filling and shock-absorbing material made from clean and fine corrugated cardboard from production waste.

Paper tape: Environmentally friendly replacement for regular tape. Made from uninked paper without silicone and, unlike traditional tape, can be recycled together with the cardboard boxes!

Logo labels: Eco-friendly paper labels.

Read more about FSC labeling here!
Mange pakker som skal sendes ut til kunder.

Fewer returns, more re-use and quality

We recognize that transport of packages contributes to a bigger negative impact on the environment. That's why we work hard to minimize returns by providing comprehensive product information to our customers, as well as offering high-quality products that we have personally tested. In addition, we are always available for questions or assistance both before and after purchase.

The fewer returns, the less impact on the environment!

We are fully aware that things happen, and some products do not fit exactly as you intended. Therefore, we have decided to offer returned goods again at significantly reduced prices. With this, we want to encourage a culture of re-use instead of waste.

Jordkloden med et hus, et tre og et sorteringstegn.

We recycle, you recycle, everyone recycles!

We recycle all the waste in our office and storage according to the Norwegian standards so it can be recycled!

We would like to encourage our customers to do the same. When you receive a package from us that comes in a bag - throw the bag in plastic waste! The protection we have used to be able to safely transport the products to you is sorted like cardboard.

If you receive a cardboard box from us, you can with a clear conscience sort the entire box, including the protective material and the paper tape as paper/cardboard.

Remember that small actions over time make a big difference! ♻️

Papirtape dispenser som ligger på en pappeske.

Correct packaging sizes

We are committed to reduce our environmental impact through the conscious use of correct packaging sizes in relation to the products ordered. We do this for several reasons!

Firstly, we avoid unnecessary use of filling material. Although we use recyclable materials, we want to minimize over-consumption and therefore ensure that each shipment receives the correct amount of protection or filling material needed to transport the products safely.

Secondly, we aim to avoid sending half-empty boxes that take up an unnecessary amount of space in the cars of our carriers. With this initiative, we reduce both our environmental impact and give carriers the opportunity to transport more packages in one car, thereby reducing the number of trips from warehouse to customers.

Miljøvennlige transportalternativer.

The future with eco-friendly transport options

We think strategically and have as part of our sustainability vision to support and use suppliers and transporters who work actively with the environment and sustainability! This means that the carriers have a strategy to offer greener delivery options in the future by expanding the share of transport that is carried out with electric or other fossil-free vehicles.

Posten / Bring works hard with this matter, and over 2.7 million residents in Norway receive mail and parcels delivered by electric vehicles! This means that half of the country's population, from Kristiansand in the south to Longyearbyen in the north, gets mail and parcels delivered entirely electrically! We think this is absolutely great, and are happy to be able to help support this carrier further.

PostNord also works actively with sustainability. They have a vision of being completely fossil-free by 2030. These are very strategic plans, but we want to follow developments and specific measures taken to be able to make the right choices in the future! Read more about how PostNord takes social responsibility here !

Read more about how Bring works with sustainability here!
Miljøvennlig strategi for fremtiden.

Eco-friendly suppliers and sustainability vision

In the start-up phase, we have chosen to work with a supplier of products that works actively with sustainability. This includes the use of renewable energy, climate change mitigation measures and material re-use. In addition, our main supplier emphasizes well-being and a good "work-life balance" for its employees, actively contributes to the development of the local community and works strategically towards the establishment of a sustainable supply chain. This is something that we gladly support!

Our vision for the future lies, among other things, in the development of our own products. In this process, we will focus on environmentally friendly materials and production methods, as well as good and fair working conditions for everyone involved in the product development chain.

We promise to work strategically to become an Eco-Lighthouse certified company by 2025, as well as becoming a certified online store with the Trygg e-Handel certification.

During 2024, we will develop a comprehensive sustainability strategy for Wise or Twice. This will be shared here, so just look forward to it! 💚

Read more about Eco-Lighthouse certification here!